Filing for Divorce at the Waxahachie Courthouse

The process of divorce can be a tricky, emotional mess. Tempers can run hot as property is divided or child custody is discussed. Divorce can happen anywhere for a plethora of reasons, but inevitably they are all resolved in the halls of a courthouse. And for residents in Ellis, Texas, that courthouse is the famed Waxahachie.

The Historical Origins of The Waxahachie Courthouse

Ellis County, Texas is home to the Waxahachie courthouse. The name Waxahachie has its origins in the Tejas word for “buffalo creek.” Its architecture was created by James Riely Gordon in the early 1880’s. Gordon provided a Richardsonian Romanesque design to the building which included a twisted steel and concrete foundation as well as a bell tower.

Where to File for Divorce DIVORCE COURT DIVISIONS

Waxahachie provides three different district courts that process divorce cases for the public. The 40th District Court, the 378th District Court, and the 443rd District Court. A Waxahachie divorce case can take place in any of these three courts. They are all located within the Waxahachie courthouse building and they even offer an online divorce case application form for the added convenience.


This historical courthouse has undergone several renovations since its original creation in Waxahachie, Texas. Most of the renovations were to add handrails, guardrails, and other safety features around the building but due to weathering and the destruction of the building over time, they decided to make a mold of the original structure and design features in order to preserve and rebuild them.

Engraved in the City's Culture THE COURTHOUSE'S SIGNIFICANCE

The Waxahachie courthouse means more to the people of Ellis County, Texas than just a hall of justice. It incorporates town lore with many of the stone sculptures attributing to the unrequited love between stonemason Herley and Miss Mable Frame, the daughter of the boarding house owner. And the building itself symbolizes the great prosperity the city of Waxahachie has experienced since the 1890s.